Monday, September 17, 2012

Vacu Vin 2in1 Candle Lighter and Snuffer - Review

The Vacu Vin 2in1 Candle Lighter and Snuffer is a safe, easy to use refillable lighter, with an adjustable flame and push button lighter.  The lighter is easily filled with butane gas and matches can be a thing of the past.  After lighting the candle, leave the lighter to cool by using the snuffer as a stand.

To extinguish the flame, place the stainless steel Candle Snuffer
over the flame, this deprives it of oxygen.

Once you have used a candle snuffer you'll wonder why you have never used one before.  There are no  wax spills from blowing out the candle flame, and it is a safer way to extinguish the candle.

A stylish all in one integrated candle lighter and snuffer, and a great gift idea too.

Available from Lakeland £15.95.

The Candle Lighter and Snuffer from Vacu Vin was sent to me for the purposes of this posting.

Thank you Pam and Vacu Vin for a fabulous product.

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