Thursday, September 13, 2012

Judge Corestuff - Review

The Judge Corestuff is the invention of Andrew Armit, and together with Judge, they developed this handy kitchen gadget.  It is very similar to the Judge Apple Corer, but instead of the barrel taking out the whole of the core it leaves a base.

With the core depth selector you can make the core as shallow or deep as you wish. The corer can be used for fruits and vegetables such as apples, pears, tomatoes and onions.

Core removed effortlessly, simply push to eject the core. 

Baked apples stuffed with fruit
 or you can use pork stuffing to fill the cavity.
It would be very difficult to leave a base in your fruit and vegetables without this nifty kitchen gadget.  The Judge Corestuff is extremely well made, very easy to use and I cored my apple perfectly.

Please visit Judge Cookware for stockist information.

Thank you Pam and Judge Cookware for a great kitchen gadget.

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