Sunday, September 16, 2012

In Hoi An....

Photo © Tewfic El-Sawy-All Rights Reserved

Immediately upon arriving in Hoi An, we had a walk-about in the center of this historic small town, with its well-known yellow decaying walls, small alleys and tiny store fronts.

Whilst walking, we encountered a group of movie technicians huddled with their lights and cameras around a gorgeous Vietnamese woman. Naturally, I quick-footed over to her to see what was all the fuss about, and it turned out that she was Ngô T Vân, one of the top Vietnamese actresses. We chatted while her handlers fussed around, and she was just delightfully approachable.

Subsequently, I and Maika chanced on the house of an elderly couple, who welcomed us in their living room. Octogenarians, they had worked in the coffee business all their lives. I intend to return today and try to develop a photo story on their lives.

This morning, we woke up really early to catch the fishermen delivering the daily catch to the fishmongers in the market, but we were either too late (5:30am?) or the fishermen didn't make any deliveries. We heard conflicting reasons...however, we spent around two hours documenting the fishmongers and the going-ons in that market.

Photo © Maika Elan- ALl Rights Reserved

Morning photo shoot in Hoi An Old Quarter with Victoria Alexander, Colleen Kerrigan and Sharon Tennant-Johnson.

More to follow.

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