Friday, August 3, 2012

Review: York Coffee Emporium - Coffee and Tea by Post

York Coffee Emporium have kindly sent me samples of luxury loose tea and gourmet coffee. They are York's only independent artisan micro-coffee roaster and all of their coffee is roasted in the heart of Yorkshire, fresh to order. York Coffee Emporium luxury teas are sourced from The Metropolitan Tea Company. Most of them contain either Fair Trade or Ethical Tea Partnership accredited tea.

Decaf 'Centrals' Blend is processed using the CO2 method and means no harmful chemicals have been used. I couldn't tell the coffee was decaffeinated, there is nothing worse than drinking decaf coffee that has a peculiar taste. The coffee is medium bodied with a good after taste and very enjoyable to drink.  If you drink decaffeinated coffee, or have considered buying decaffeinated coffee, freshly roasted gourmet coffee wins every time. Just imagine bringing that independent coffee shop experience into your own home.

Hubby is the tea drinker, he enjoys a cuppa and tasted the teas for me.  Russian Caravan (great name!) is a light black tea with a hint of Lapsang Souchong. In Russia the traditional way of making tea is to allow a pot to simmer and steep all day; this is why Russian Caravan tea is quite light and flavoursome to withstand a day in the pot.  Hubby described this fine tea as aromatic with a very good flavour and enjoyable to drink.

Buckingham Palace Garden Party Tea - the tea is described as a medium body blend delicately flavoured with Earl Grey and Jasmine.  This is the blend specially selected for garden parties at Buckingham Palace.  Earl Grey is hubbys favourite and he really enjoyed this Jasmine perfumed tea, he is a creature of habit and normally chooses Earl Grey with Bergomot. No Palace Garden Party for us, but he said the tea tasted wonderful.  If you are having a posh afternoon Garden Party of your own, I am assured this tea would be permitting of course!

Thank you to York Coffee Emporium and Ben for the samples.

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