Thursday, June 21, 2012

Review: "Tart Up Your Toast With Jme!" - Jme Luscious Marmalade

Jme Luscious Marmalade served on a doorstep of home made bread
Jme Luscious Marmalade is part of Jamie Oliver's artisan food range.  This new marmalade is made with the freshest Spanish lemons and limes, is gluten free, and free from all artificial flavourings, colourings and sweeteners.

Apparently, recent news claims that marmalade no longer floats the nation's breakfast boat and only 7% of Brits still enjoy marmalade on toast in the morning.

I'm not surprised so few people eat marmalade on toast because many of us don't particularly like all the bits of peel and then there is the bitterness factor or they can be over sweet, and in the end we just don't bother.  Marmalade on toast is something we eat when we stay in a B&B or a hotel, or if you make your own.  I have eaten some great marmalade and some best forgotten marmalade in the past.

Yes, Jamie's marmalade has got bits in, but marmalade needs them for taste and character, the bits aren't chewy or objectionable.  Tangy with a good kick of citrus and you definitely don't need all the marmalade I slathered on my toast, but that was purely for the photograph, although I have to say it did taste really, really good.  There is enough tang to kick start your morning and there is nothing like citrus to wake you up, and because the marmalade is bursting with flavour you don't need very much on your toast.   It will taste good on any bread, better still if it's some of the good stuff, but lets be honest most of us have got some ready sliced and ready to go bread in the house.  I nearly forgot to say, the marmalade isn't the usual jelly consistency either.  I'll definitely have more marmalade on toast days now.

Thank you Rachel for the Jme Luscious Marmalade.

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