Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Photoburst Goes Big (And Large)

I have blogged about Photoburst, a travel photography daily contest, before...however its website was just revamped in a dramatic fashion, with its daily winning photograph large enough to take up all of my large monitor...and readers of this blog know my often expressed preference for large images.

It's a real eye-candy now!

The basis for the contest is a simple one. The best photograph submitted by its contributors is uploaded, and showcased for that day. The author of the best photo of the month receives a US$50 gift certificate to Kiva.

Gastão Bettencourt, Pedro de Sousa and Pedro Patrício are the three photographers behind Photoburst, and since inception, it attracted hundreds and hundreds of travel photographers and their submissions. I've seen impressive quality amongst the submissions, from well-established photographers with professionally-built websites, and from emerging photographers with Flickr galleries. The submissions range from landscapes to environmental portraiture, from candids to posed photographs.

Photoburst also affirms that all photographs contained on its website remain the property of their authors, as indicated over each photograph.

So whether you seek to participate in Photoburst's contest by submitting one of your travel photographs or just get your daily travel photography fix, bookmark its website and make it a daily destination. You're certain to get your travel photography buzz!

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