Wednesday, September 9, 2009

New Leica M9

Photojournalists (the few who can still afford it) and dentists have been impatiently waiting for 9/9/2009 for the new Leica M9.

According to the British Journal of Photography, Leica has updated its M8 model with a full-frame M9. The M9 fits a 24x36mm 18.5 million pixel resolution CCD sensor that has been developed specifically for the camera. It offers ‘full 35mm film format without any compromises’ claims Leica.

The M9 has a magnesium alloy body, and is said to have a "discreet" mode for candid shots in street photography. It can photograph at a range of ISO80 to ISO2500, at up to 2fps, and has a 2.5-inch LCD screen on the back.

The M9, which will be available in a steel-grey or black paint finish, weighs 589g with its battery and measures 139x37x80mm. The price in the US is estimated at $7000, while it's the equivalent of $8000 in the UK (at today's exchange rate).

There's also a review here on DPReview, and for the "eye-candy" go to the M9's website.

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