Monday, August 4, 2008

World Press Photo's ENTER Magazine

The 10th edition of ENTER, the online magazine of World Press Photo's Education Department is now online.

Four photojournalism galleries are included in this edition's line-up: the Thai photojournalist Rungroj Yongrit documents a clinic on the Thai-Burmese border, the Turkish freelance photographer Gülbin Özdamar went to the Czech Republic to document the discrimination against the Romany people**, José Chuquiure Alva had to climb to 3500 meters up the Andes Mountains in Peru to document a religious ceremony, and Manish Swarup of The Associated Press, shows us some of his coverage of major news stories of the last 20 years in Asia.

** Gülbin Özdamar says "that there is even a wall to keep the Romanies or "gypsies" apart from other people. She hopes her pictures can do something to help the situation". Isn't that what Israel is also doing to the Palestinians?

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