Saturday, August 9, 2008

Kenzaburo Fukuhara: Blurb Book

This is an unusual post as I'm publicizing a book that I haven't read nor seen yet. However, I like what photographer Kenzaburo Fukuhara put together in a self-published book.

PAR HASARD is a collection of black & white portraits of peoples who passed by the photographer on his journeys on various Asian roads, starting in Osaka to Shanghai, to Lhasa, Mt Kailash in Tibet, to Kashgar, Dunhuang on the Silk Route and in a Yunnan minority village, as well as on the journey from Laos to Thailand.

Kenzaburo Fukuhara is a freelance photographer residing in Beijing, China. After having lived 5 years in Japan, he arrived in China at 2007. His work on the social and cultural subjects in Japan, are often published in European newspapers such a Le Matin, and La Liberation, and in magazines like ELLE, M├ędias, BILANZ, Figaro among others.

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