Monday, December 3, 2012

The Travel Photographer's Photo Expeditions

I thought it'd be good idea to have all my past and future photo expeditions-workshops aggregated in one location separate from my regular websites, especially as I realized (rather belatedly) that some of my older itineraries/descriptions have evaporated in the ether when I moved from one ISP to the other.

All the itineraries and details of my photo expeditions from 2007 back to 2000 (about 8 or 9) have gone "poof"! So I will have to reconstruct them from various sources, emails etc, over the course of the coming weeks.

In the meantime though, here's (work in progress) The Travel Photographer's Photo Expeditions-Workshops from late 2008 to the present, including the one scheduled for May 2013. This aggregate website has the description of each trip, and includes the links to the audio slideshows and photo galleries produced during these trips.

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