Thursday, December 13, 2012

Reader' Poll: Who's The Travel Photographer of 2012?

To end 2012, I thought I'd feature a reader's poll to choose which of a pre-selected travel photographers whose work appeared on The Travel Photographer's blog would garner the most votes for the coveted title of "The Travel Photographer of 2012". 

There are no prizes...just the intangible glory of being nominated by readers of this blog. And yes, I applied the term 'travel photographer' a little loosely. I will announce the winner in a week or so.

Here are the photographers. I list them in no particular order, with a thumbnail sample of their work, the shortcut link to my post on this blog, and a link to their website. The poll is at the bottom of this post.

I also plan to feature at a later stage which 2-3 posts about travel photography/photographers got the highest number of views during 2012.

1. Monica Denevan:

Photo © Monica Denevan

2. Cedric Arnold:

Photo © Cedric Arnold

3. Devansh Jhaveri: 

Photo © Devansh Jhaveri

4. Lisa Kristine:

Photo © Lisa Kristine

5. Denis Rouvre:
Photo © Denis Rouvre

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