Monday, December 17, 2012

Kauser Haider | A Hall Full of Cinema

Photo © Kauser Haider-All Rights Reserved

The Manoshi Cinema Hall in Old Dhaka is a 70+ year old crumbling old building with torn plaster walls and decrepit chairs. It features three shows a day; mostly of action films that appeal to lower income segments of Dhaka's population. Mingling with genuine cinema buffs, are drug addicts, prostitutes and other similar denizens of this capital city, while its staff of about 25 work around the clock to operate the obsolete machinery needed to project the films.

Kauser Haider is the photographer who brings us A Hall Full of Cinema. It has been featured on various blogs, but it was nominated as a 2012 Photostory choice. A well deserved accolade for such a visually interesting subject. Brilliant and very large photographs!

Kauser Haider is a Bangladeshi documentary photographer who prefers to work with social issues, humanitarian focus, and travel photography . He enrolled in Pathshala South Asian Media Academy for BA in Photography, and subsequently participated in various international workshops conducted by Philip Blenkinsop, Shannon Lee Castleman, Shorab Hura, Abir Abdullah and Munem Wasif.

A Hall Full of Cinema was exhibited internationally in Angkor photo festival and Delhi Photo festival .  

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