Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Review: Montezuma's Monkey Bars

Montezuma's, a British family owned chocolate company, have sent me a huge Monkey Bar to review.  Iconic symbols of Great Britain decorate the packaging including Black Cabs, London Buses, a Telephone Box, Welsh Dragon and a Scottish Lion. They are decorated with the skyline of London too.

My slab of chocolate, would you Adam & Eve it (believe), is made from Venezuelan milk chocolate with orange and hazelnuts. The chocolate bar is made from thick chocolate, and good news, you don't have to go into battle with the chocolate to bite into it. The orange flavour isn't overwhelming and the chocolate has been finely tuned for sweetness. Also, there is a generous scattering of the most delicious whole hazelnuts.

The bars are bigger than an iPad and will be fabulous to share, or as we are doing, sitting outside and eating a piece in the glorious sunshine.  Hubby has just bought some new technology which isn't user friendly, eating the chocolate is helping........

Why Monkey Bar?  Cockney rhyming slang for '500' is monkey! - these bars of chocolate weigh in at 500g or a half-kilo.  

Montezuma's are celebrating this very British year with five different flavoured bars of chocolate:

Airs & Graces (races) - Ecuadorian Dark chocolate with Nougat Pieces.
Nanny Goat (boat) - Venezuelan Milk Chocolate with Salted Peanuts & Butterscotch.
Daisy Roots (boots) - Ecuadorian Dark Chocolate with Cherry & Almond Slices.
Shake & Shiver (river) - Ecuadorian Dark Chocolate with Peppermint & Cocoa Nibs.
RRP £13.99 each.

The brand: A family owned British chocolate company founded in 2000 by Helen and Simon Pattinson. They have built a reputation for producing some of the most innovative chocolate available in the UK.
Visit www.montezumas.co.uk to find out more.

Thank you to Montezuma's and Martin for the wonderful chocolate.

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