Friday, May 4, 2012

Review: Judge "Grate to Plate" and Judge Multifunction Mincer

The Judge Grate to Plate is the newest addition to the Judge Kitchen Essentials range. It comes with three different removable steel blades - one coarse grater, one fine grater and a slicing blade.

There are three legs with suction feet to hold the grater firmly to the work surface. The handle turns easily with the minimum of effort and the product doesn't move around whilst you are turning the handle.

Grated cheddar cheese made quickly and easily, all you have to do is place a small plate or dish underneath the grating blade, pop the cheese onto the grating blade, hold down the clamp and turn the handle.

I made a cottage pie and instead of the usual mashed potato, I topped the pie with cooked cubes of potato and scattered over the grated cheese.

Melting cheese on crunchy cubes of potato, topped with vine cherry tomatoes.

The carrots to be served alongside the cottage pie sliced quickly and easily with a few turns of the handle and the majority of them were evenly sliced. 

The legs collapse for easy storage, the blades are dishwasher safe, the grater is manually operated and is great value for around £13.20 from good cookshops.


I remember both my Mum and my Nan using a mincer. It isn't something I had ever considered using until I was offered this mincer for review.  The mincer comes with steel coarse and fine mincing blades, and unusually a four-shape cookie press.

A rubber suction clamp secures the Mincer to the work surface, I found it clamped more securely to a smooth surface and used my glass worktop saver. The Mincer is easy to assemble and the handle turns easily and without effort.

There is a food pusher supplied with the Mincer to keep those fingers safe.  An easy way to get the remaining meat out of the Mincer is to feed an onion in after the meat.

I made chicken burgers and the chicken went through fairly easily. If you like to know exactly what you are eating then a mincer for making your own kebabs, burgers, meatballs and stuffing is a great idea.

The Mincer has to be dismantled for washing up and my chicken wasn't the easiest meat to remove from the blades, on reflection I think for testing purposes a red meat would have been better.  I feel you would need to put through enough meat to use on the day and enough meat to freeze for another day, to make it feel worthwhile.

Manually operated, doesn't require any electricity and retails for around £16.00.  For more information visit

Thank you Pam.

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