Sunday, September 4, 2011

Delhi Photo Festival: New Updates

Mentioned in earlier posts, Delhi Photo Festival is progressing steadily, and now includes an  array of workshops, lectures, portfolio reviews, gallery walks and seminars.

The Event Calendar is up on its website, and a number of photographers and readers of this blog will either attend it in person, or have sent in their work for consideration.

As per the partial screen capture above (click to enlarge), I will be participating in the festival, where I will teach a short multimedia module on October 15 aimed at photographers and photojournalists to produce audio-slideshows that rivals in quality and content then the more elaborate multimedia productions.

Due to time constraints, I am unfortunately unable to attend the whole festival as I'm flying back to New York on October 16th after three weeks in Kolkata.

I would have liked to attend my friend Asim Rafiqui's presentation of his long term project "The Idea of India" on October 18, and the module on Basics of DSLR Film Making by my friend Anamitra Chakladar on October 23.

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