Sunday, June 20, 2010

BBC Summer Good Food Show 2010 Birmingham

My day started in the Press Office where I was given tickets to see Matt Tebbutt in the Summer Kitchen and other treats. I was then asked if I would be willing to take part in the MasterChef Experience Invention Test.

Before I knew it I was being whisked away to the MasterChef Theatre, given an apron, briefed, shown to my workstation, and then the opportunity to familiarise myself with the fresh and dry ingredients provided. Also, a quick tuition of the Miele state of the art kitchen appliances I would be using. The name of the game is to produce something innovative in just 30 minutes. Phew! No, I didn't win or even come third, I thought I would give all of the other contestants a chance!!! I did have lots of fun, even though I couldn't produce anything that resembled even the merest hint of a Michelin star.

My husband bagged himself a front row seat and did his best to take photographs for ourselves and also another contestant, who unfortunately was at the opposite side of the stage to me.

In my session John Torode and Gregg Wallace were keeping a watchful eye over us with the help of Mat Follas and James Nathan, who are two previous MasterChef winners. Andi Peters was the compere and offered us an arm of support. We were all allocated a sous chef from Birmingham Food College and I was very fortunate to have such a helpful and charming right hand man.

After this we returned to the Press Office, sat on a comfy sofa and re-energised ourselves with coffee before our tour of the Good Food Show.

Chocolate Fondue.

I would love one of these!

I had a scoop of the cherry ice cream.


The Liquorice Stall.

Olive Oil.

Summer Kitchen with Matt Tebbutt.


Thank you to Emma, Haymarket Exhibitions and the BBC Summer Good Food Show for a really great day out!

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