Friday, December 14, 2007

Timothy Allen: Nagaland

Image © Timothy Allen-All Rights Reserved

Timothy Allen's bio page of his website tells us that he spent 3 years in Indonesia where his interest in photography began. Upon returning to England he spent 2 years traveling the British Isles until, in the late nineties, he joined an aid convoy to Bosnia in order to work on his first year reportage project. Six months later he had left college, moved to London and begun working for the Sunday Telegraph which lead to commissions from all the British broadsheet publications and finally to a 6 year position at The Independent, working predominantly on features and portraits for the newspaper and magazine titles. Timothy now devotes his time to documenting the diversity of our world's cultures.

His photographs have appeared in many editorial publications, and his work has been included in books and exhibitions. He was also announced as the winner of TPOTY's "One Planet Many Lives" category for his photographs of Bhutan and North Eastern India.

I have just voiced the need for travel photographers to "connect" with their subjects in a recent post, so I'm glad that many of Timothy's photographs show how well he bonded with his subjects. His photographs are largely ethno-photographic in style, and those I like the best are those composed in the shadows and darkness, reminiscent of Jehad Nga's beautiful work.

Timothy Allen's Nagaland, Tripura, Majuli Island

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