Monday, December 24, 2007

Bhutan: Photo Expedition

Following the success of the 2006 photo expedition to Bhutan, I'm pleased to announce my photo expedition to this Himalayan Kingdom on October 3-17, 2008.

The Bhutan: Land of the Druk Yul photo expedition is set to travel to its heartland, and timed to culminate with the Tamshingphala Tsechu, and the Tangbi Mani festival in the Bumthang valley.

While this is not a workshop per se, interested participants will be helped to create multimedia projects from their inventory of photographs of these festivals.

For those of you who've missed my posts regarding photo travel to Bhutan, I would encourage you to read this post. It will give you something to consider if you're planning to join a photo tour to Bhutan.

To log on to the photo expedition website for further details, go to:

Bhutan: Land of the Druk Yul

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