Wednesday, December 19, 2007

PDN: Making The Final Cut

I'm always interested in how photo editors make their choices in sifting through photographers' work on return from an assignment, as an example. From a PDN's article, I learned how a Travel & Leisure magazine photo editor made the choices for a "South American Haciendas” story, photographed by David Nicolas.

Out of the 10 images in the PDN article, 5 were rejected and all of these were that a coincidence? That's why I constantly try to photograph horizontals and verticals as much as I possibly can...provided what I photograph lends itself to both. I'd hate for an editor to look at my submissions and say " have that one in vertical (or horizontal)"? Elementary perhaps, but still worthwhile remembering.

I still think photo editors write their own rules, and have their little quirks.

PDN's Making The Final Cut

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