Sunday, December 23, 2007

Sunday Rant IV

This is not really a rant...really.

As TTP is ad-free, I barely look at emails from companies that offer me discounts to place their ads...but this one was different. This time it was from a company that I like a lot. The email from this reputable photography retail company proposed that if I placed its ad on the pages of TTP, I'd get a commission of 2-3% for every item bought through this mechanism. It's called Affiliate Program.

I replied virtually instantly that, while I was appreciative of the proposal, The Travel Photographer blog would remain ad-free as long as I maintained it. I counter-proposed by asking if the company would support my Kashmir expedition/workshop by offering the same small discount to its participants.

I realize there's an enormous difference between the readership numbers of TTP and the small number of participants in the Kashmir photo workshop. It's obviously a numbers game, and the 12 participants in the workshop may not be worth the trouble from the company's standpoint, but it was worth a try.

There's no answer yet from the company in question, but I'm hopeful. It would engender considerable good will. Am I expecting too much from a successful company that is built on trust, good will and reputation? Perhaps.

Now here's a better rant: A website that seems to aggregate posts relating to cruises and travel, uploads every one of my posts on its pages (with the required link to my blog). Whether my blog posts are about photojournalism, my Kashmir photo expedition or photo contests, they'll be on it, and yes, even my rants get mentioned. It's like having someone repeating every word I say....isn't that annoying?

By the way, the only post of mine that was not copied on this blog is the one in which I extend my wishes to all TTP readers on the occasion of the Muslim celebration of Eid el-Adha.

I wonder why?

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