Sunday, December 23, 2007

Dagmar Schwelle: Planet Tokyo

Image Copyright © Dagmar Schwelle-All Rights Reserved

I really like Dagmar Schwelle's work a lot. I think her photography is intelligent and well-thought out. An Austrian photographer & photojournalist currently based in Germany, she has recently produced a multimedia Soundslides of her photographs while recently in Tokyo. Her compositional style is very interesting, and I find that she frequently uses frames within her photographs. She did that in her earlier work of Istanbul, and now she does it again in Planet Tokyo.

Just take a look at the above photograph of subway riders, and how the girl is framed between one of the arms, and the back of one of the riders...her timing is just perfect. Another photograph in her slideshow is of Sumo wrestlers...check out how well she captured the scene. I sense that Dagmar puts much thought and discipline in her work.

Dagmar Schwelle's Planet Tokyo

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