Sunday, December 16, 2007

Season's Greetings

I offer all my readers, whether subscribers to The Travel Photographer blog or whether they're just "walk-ins", my very best wishes on this holiday season.

I started this blog in late January of 2007, thinking it would be all about me, my photography work and my photo tours. Less than 2 days into it, I decided it could never be an egoistic endeavor but that I would also blog about the many talented photographers I come across either personally or through their work on the web. Some are well established, others are emerging, some are working photographers and others will become so...and others have no inkling that they are really talented.

I had no expectations that The Travel Photographer blog would become so popular and read in such large numbers. I'm still surprised. Why people bother to do so is a mystery.

ps. Lest you think that there won't be a rant this Sunday: Don't you just hate it when you see Season's Greetings misspelled as Seasons' Greetings...?

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