Friday, June 22, 2007

Wendell Phillips: Xinjiang

Image Copyright © Wendell Phillips- All Rights Reserved

Wendell Phillips is based in Vancouver, and started his career as a staff news photographer in Manitoba, Canada. He was voted Canada's News Photographer of the Year in 1988. He documents environmental stories, social issues, international development images for numerous agencies that include United Nations Canadian International Development Agency and the Canadian Red Cross. His images have been featured by hundreds of publications and networks to include the South China Morning Post, McLean 's Magazine, Time magazine, Los Angeles Times, London Times, Toronto Star, Photo Life Magazine, National Post, Globe and Mail, and BBC World News.

He covered stories in war zones, and produced documentaries in Africa, the Indian subcontinent, South East Asia, Latin America and Europe. He also raised funds for human development agencies, food banks, HIV AIDS, Cancer research and women's shelters.

Although his portfolio on his website has numerous photographic gems (just take a look at his black & white portrait of Maria Famosa in the Cuba section), I chose his images from Xinjiang, China for this post.

Wendell's Xinjiang

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