Wednesday, June 13, 2007

M8 Leica Test Drive (UK Only)

According to a UK-based photo magazine, Leica is offering photographers across the British Isles the chance to test drive its M8 model, the company's first digital rangefinder. Until 30th September, participating stores will offer a three-hour test drive for the price of £45. Any fee paid is redeemable against purchases of the model – so long as they fall within three months of the test drive – with current M system owners entitled to a free trial. 

UK resident photographers really get no breaks...whether through this "offer" or through the exorbitant prices of cameras and accessories in the UK....add to this the dollar/sterling exchange rate....and it's even worse.

In my view, to pay the equivalent of $90 for a 3 hours test drive is absurd. Anyone can walk in B&H or Adorama here in NYC, ask to see the M8 and test it right there for as long as they want...or as long as the vendor's patience allows.

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