Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Aina Photo

From Aina Photo:

Aina Photo, the first Afghan photojournalism school, is currently is in the stage of creating a world class photo-agency for Afghan photojournalists to be presented in Perpignan festival in September.

Aina Photo is in need of assistance from the international community to help its Afghan photographers with image editing, caption and keyword correction. It would like to have the international volunteers work in Kabul. While it doesn't provide a salary or airfares, it will provide the volunteers accommodation and food for as long as they stay. In return, volunteers will get experience with a internationally recognised photo agency, and will have an opportunity to help out Afghan photojournalists.

Another option is to have volunteers work from home. Aina can provide them with access to its database and they can edit and correct from their own country. Since the current security situation and lack of financial support from Aina may lead some people to choose not to travel to Afghanistan that option may be favored by some.

Either way Aina Photo is in great need of assistance, so if anyone in the industry is interested in coming to Kabul to work at the school, or work some hours per week from their own country, please get in contact with Travis Beard Chief Editor at the earliest. The school wants to raise Afghan photojournalist up to international standards, but cannot do this without help from the global community.

If interested, contact: Travis Beard Chief Editor Aina Photo, Aina Media Centre Malik Asghar (Crossroads Next to Ministry of Economy), Kabul, Afghanistan.

Aina Photo

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