Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Operation Azra

Operation AZRA banner

Photojournalists from prestigious organizations such as National Geographic, German GEO, the photo agency VII, TIME, Newsweek, The New York Times and more, are donating iconic works in an Exhibition and Online Print Auction to benefit victims of acid burning in Pakistan.

Stephanie Sinclair, a photojournalist, is behind the effort and says "Azra Latif, a Pakistani girl I met who was severely disfigured when her brother-in-law threw acid on her face during an argument. We are trying to raise money to pay for her and her husband’s transportation costs and three months of housing and living expenses in France, where she will receive several surgeries to help repair her significant injuries."

When Stephanie first asked to photograph her, Azra agreed but also said, “Everyone photographs me but no one helps.” Here is your chance to literally change a woman’s life while also owning some of the most compelling photojournalism of the modern era, so click on the photo to visit the Operation Azra website, and please donate what you can.

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