Wednesday, June 27, 2007

David duChemin: Kashmir

Image Copyright © David duChemin -All Rights Reserved

I chanced upon the glorious travel photography website of David duChemin, who has travelled and photographed in Russia, Peru, Ecuador, France, the U.K., Haiti, Ethiopia, DRC, Malawi, Rwanda, Uganda, India, Nepal, and across North America.

Specializing in travel photography and photographing children, the vulnerable and oppressed, David has a bachelor's degree in children and youth leadership and a lifetime of working with children and families in education, social work and recreational settings. A multiple award winner, he has photographed for a growing list of commercial and non-profit groups.

David's statement on his website says: "Anyone can take a picture of poverty; it's easy to focus on the dirt and hurt of the poor. It's much harder - and much more needful - to pry under that dirt and reveal the beauty and dignity of people that, but for their birth into a place and circumstance different from our own, are just like ourselves.

Have a look at David's Kashmir gallery, which I found to the best among his other excellent galleries.

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