Tuesday, June 19, 2007

David Samuel Robbins: Himalaya Region

Image Copyright David Samuel Robbins-All Rights Reserved

David Samuel Robbins is a travel photographer based in Seattle, specializing in projects on indigenous cultures and adventure travel. He worked with major publications including the New York Times and National Geographic.

I share David's passion for the Himalaya regions, where he -as I do- worked as documentary photographer and photography tour leader. He has published a book 'Himalayan Odyssey", a culmination of many years of work and thousands of miles trekking in Tibet, Bhutan, India and Nepal. Since TTP is a non-commercial blog, I hesitated to feature his website since it publicises his book.

However, and although his website is primarily a commercial one, crafted to sell his book, it also features about 60 photographs of Nepal, Zanskar, Bhutan, Ladakh, Arunachal Pradesh, Mustang, etc. which are a treat to view. It's a real shame that his photographs are not much larger, but I guess he chose to show as many as possible.

Himalayan Odyssey

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