Monday, March 11, 2013

Helen Rimell | The Houseboats of Srinagar

Photo © Helen Rimell-All Rights Reserved
As my forthcoming photo expedition-workshop will include a few days in Srinagar, what better way to whet my appetite (and that of my fellow photographers who are joining me on this two week long adventure) than to feature a lovely photo essay on The Forgotten Houseboats of Kashmir by photographer Helen Rimell?

"The houseboats are the heritage of Kashmir, without heritage, what will the people come to see?"

The photo essay was produced a few years ago, at a time when the Indian Government was making it difficult for houseboat owners to obtain permits to repair or rebuild their boats. The houseboat industry in Srinagar at that time was suffering from a lack of tourists, and a general pessimism was prevalent amongst the houseboat owners.

Although the political climate has considerably improved, there has occurred some instances in the past months that made tourism-reliant activities in Kashmir quite nervous. So far, it appears tourists are returning to Kashmir...especially to escape the heat during the summer months.

Helen Rimell graduated from the University of Wales Newport in 2004 with a BA (Hons) Degree in Documentary Photography, and has worked on projects in a number of countries, including: India, Afghanistan, and the USA. Her work has been exhibited in galleries such as The Frontline Club in London, The Filmhouse Cafe in Edinburgh, and The Mustafa Hotel in Kabul.

Helen's work has been published in newspapers such as The Guardian, and The Observer; and she has undertaken assignments for Warchild and The Salvation Army amongst others. She's also an alum of the Foundry Photojournalism Workshop (Manali). 

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