Thursday, December 8, 2011

Jaime Ocampo-Rangel: Memory Of Colors

Photos © Jaime Ocampo-Rangel- All Rights Reserved

"I dreamt of a rainbow built with the colours of men, tribes, cultures. The rainbow of a rare, diverse, precious, essential, yet fragile human nature. This Memory of colours, old as the wind, the sun and rain is a slow process. It is a story in progress that needs to be listened to, seen, protected and helped." -Jaime Ocampo-Rangel
And this, in a nutshell, is what Jaime Ocampo-Rangle's Memory of Colors is all about.

It's a terrific and phenomenal magnum opus from a Colombian photographer who sought to document the last authentic tribes, people and ethnic groups of the world that are threatened by globalisation. Jaime chose to complete the project by sailing around the world.

Forty ethnic groups have already been documented and another hundred identified, and those hundred will be visited, filmed and photographed to fulfill the ultimate goal of the project, which is to represent the real landscape of our multi-cultural earth.

Memory of Colors may keep you glued to your computer's monitor for a while, so if you have urgent stuff to do, you may want to watch the 5 minute trailer of the project, do the stuff you have to take care of, return and explore the website more fully at your leisure. If you're interested in travel photography, anthropology and ethnography, it's really worth it.

Finally, Memory of Colors was mentioned on The Luminous Landscape website, and it gives some details on the equipment used and background of the photographer.

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