Thursday, July 7, 2011

Tanya Habjouqa: Women of Gaza

Photo © Tanya Habjouqa- Courtesy Al Jazeera
I am always very pleased to see impressive talent from the Middle East such as that of photographer Tanya Habjouqa, whose Women of Gaza was just featured on Al Jazeera website.

Tanya was born in Jordan and educated in the United States, and is currently based in Jerusalem. She won a well deserved reputation for gaining unique access to sensitive gender, social and human rights stories in the Middle East. She received a number of awards for her work, and is published in The Wall Street Journal, Al Jazeera, Washington Post, New York Times, Boston Globe and worked for various NGOs.

Her gallery of images on the Al Jazeera website documents the community spirit prevailing in the Gaza strip, which is maintained despite the ongoing Israeli siege and occupation. In her photographs, one clearly sees how the women in Gaza are continuing to live their lives as best they can...continuing to care for their families, working for a better future through education and careers.

Not only has Al Jazeera shown the US-based cable networks how to deliver news from the Middle East and elsewhere, but it's also supporting Middle Eastern photographers and photojournalists by featuring their work, and their projects. Would CNN or MSNBC have featured Women of Gaza? Not likely.  Well done, Al Jazeera!

Via Wendy Marijnissen Twitter feed.

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