Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Sandra Steele Kunz: Women of the World

Image Copyright © Sandra Steele Kunz-All Rights Reserved

Sandra ("Sandy") Steele Kunz is a photographer based in Central Oregon who has her camera lenses firmly trained on the world, but especially focused on India, Bhutan and Indochina. Her favorite photographic subjects are Buddhism and environmental portraits of women and children. Most of her photographs are spontaneous, and she generally avoids arranged photo shoots.

Sandy was one the first photographer to join my inaugural photo expedition to India, Nepal and Bhutan in October 2000, and she has been on every single one since then. So I know first hand that her passion for visually documenting Buddhist culture is exemplary, and that her empathy for women and children is exceptional. I have her extraordinary photograph of a woman holding a baby in Orissa (above), and it currently graces my office. It speaks volumes as to her skills.

I'm glad to see Sandy's newly-minted website.

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