Thursday, January 3, 2008

Andrew Gibson: Bolivia

Image © Andrew Gibson-All Rights Reserved

Andrew Gibson is a British photographer who works on cruise ships, which has given him ample opportunities to travel and photograph far-flung places.

He specializes in South America, in particular Argentina and the Andean regions of Boliva and Peru. He plans to move to Argentina to focus on his photography and writings.

The body of his work is slanted towards art-travel photography rather than documentary travel photography, and he often tones his photographs as his lovely image of a church in Puerto Chivica in Bolivia.

There are two reasons for featuring Andrew's work here on TTP; one is that he makes available copies of his e-books in PDF format to anyone who wants to download them. He has three books: Bolivia, Cementerio de Recoleta, and Central Park in NYC. You may want to do the same when circulating your portfolios to editors, clients or even friends...everybody has a PDF reader on their computers.

The second reason is that his blog has an interview with John Cleare, which I encourage you to read. With 45 years experience, he's an inspiration to all photographers, whether interested in mountaineering (as he is) or not. Cleare is not just a photographer, but also a mountaineer, wilderness traveler, writer, author, filmmaker and lecturer.

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