Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Deutsche Börse Photography Prize

Image Copyright © Fazal Sheikh -All Rights Reserved

The Deutsche Börse Photography Prize, established in 1996, gives £30,000 (nearly $60,000) to the winner. This year's shortlist was announced and it highlights the work of Britain's John Davies, the Danish photographer Jacob Holdt, Esko Mannikko from Finland and the American Fazal Sheikh, who were chosen from 90 nominees put forward by experts worldwide.

Drusilla Beyfus in the Daily Telegraph in London, writes this about Fazal Sheikh and of his most recent work "Ladli": "Described as an artist-activist, he (Fazal) is known for creating sustained studies of communities around the world. Realistic black-and-white portraits are Sheikh's fire power and his primary evidence. The frame is filled with close-ups that capture the emotion of the sitter - those dark eyes speak volumes. In some shots, a head is shown turned away from the camera's lens, for reasons that become apparent in the accompanying testimony.

The Deutsche Börse Photography Prize, for which The Daily Telegraph is media sponsor, is at the Photographers' Gallery, Great Newport Street, London WC2, from February 8 to April 6. The winner will be announced on March 5.

The Daily Telegraph's Article

The Photographers' Gallery in London

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