Monday, January 28, 2008

Kash & Shabana

Shabana with Kash Gabriele Torsello

In a few days, an Italian plane carrying an Afghan four-year-old girl and her father will leave the Kabul for Rome. The young girl is Shabana, who suffers from a mysterious tumor, that if left unchecked causes severe nerve damage and, ultimately, death. Now, she will undergo her second operation, in Rome, which will bring together Western and Afghan surgeons.

Shabana's story so far, including her first operation in Kabul, results from the work of Italian photojournalist Kash Gabriele Torsello, who was kidnapped and detained in Afghanistan. Since his release, Kash has been working to develop a program of medical and cultural exchanges between Afghanistan and Europe. Shabana’s operation in Rome is due to the photojournalist's efforts.

One of the paragraphs of the press release mentions that "Shabana’s case has been followed by European and Afghan experts alike, the little girl’s illness is a peculiar kind of tumor that affects 10% of Afghan children. The surgery will be led by Doctor Fabio Abenavoli, President of Smile Train Italia, who after visiting Shabana in Kabul in 2007 decided to organize her hospitalization at the Fatebenefratelli San Pietro hospital in Rome. The ultimate aim is to enable Afghan doctors to cure many other Shabanas in Afghanistan, Insha'Allah - God Willing."

For further information, visit: Kash & Shabana

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