Thursday, January 10, 2008

Digital Photo Pro: Shiho Fukada

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I'm really pleased, but not surprised, that Shiho Fukada, TTP's Photographer of The Year, is the subject of an article entitled "A Different Kind of Briefcase" published in Digital Photo Pro magazine (below for link).

On the other hand, I was surprised to read Shiho's difficulty in selling her fascinating photo essay "Life In A Brothel"...a photographic project about the sex trade in Bangladesh, which can be seen on her website (below for link). According to the informative article: "Fukada describes the response from the American magazines to whom she has pitched the project: “Third-world brothels have been done to death. What else do you have?”

What else does she have? Well, she's got plenty...but that's hardly the point, is it magazine editors? The point is that she cares about that poignant story and she intends to share it with the world at large.

The article (written by Louis Lesko) also reaffirms what anyone who sees her photographs immediately knows: "Shiho Fukada is a storyteller first. Photography wasn’t the goal for her; it was the vehicle to realize her passion for telling stories. And that’s one of the reasons why her work stands out so significantly. She’s totally committed to the narrative."

Read the article in Digital Photo Pro here

Shiho Fukada's website

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