Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Sivan Askayo | Viet Nam & Other Travels

Photos © Sivan Askayo- All Rights Reserved

There is a variety of talented travel photographers; some describe themselves as storytellers and documentarians (like I do, for example) and there are others who are more attracted to editorial travel photography which involves photographing for magazines.

Sivan Askayo's lovely work, whether of Viet Nam or Florence, is more of the latter type. She's a New York based freelance travel photographer and writer, whose work was featured in Travel +Leisure, Hemisphere, AFAR, Marie Claire Italia, and Resource Magazine. I particulalry liked her work from Viet Nam and Buenos Aires; places that I recently photographed.

Sivan earned a Master degree in Advertising and Marketing and was involved with the ICP, International Center of Photography, both as a student and a teacher assistant. She photographs what she loves; children, food, travel, street art and she seeks to capture the dynamics of the places she is in. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally and she has been involved with emerging artists groups both in New York and in Tel Aviv.

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