Sunday, September 29, 2013

Judge Solar Photovoltaic Scale - Review

These eye catching red Judge kitchen scales are solar powered and will work in both sunlight or artificial light.  The slimline scales need only 60-90 seconds of light to activate them.

There is a large clear LCD display, the scales weigh g/lb:oz to 5kg/11lb and there are separate modes for measuring milk and water.  A button on the base of the scales is used to set the scales for either metric or imperial measurements.

Add and weigh scales are easy to use                     Measuring milk using the milk mode
Tried and Tested:
Conveniently store away on their side
In poor lighting conditions or when measuring light amounts the reading can take a few seconds to settle down
The scales weigh accurately
High weight capacity of 5kg/11lb
Use any bowl of your choice for weighing out
No batteries required
2 year guarantee
Judge Solar Kitchen Scale J415
Price £24.00

Thank you to for the scales.

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