Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Truffle Rolling Workshop at Rococo Chocolates - Review

 Rococo Chocolates in Knightsbridge for fabulous chocolates, cafe and chocolate classes
Kitchen Delights London Reporter - gets very messy making posh chocolate truffles.......

A few weeks ago I was watching TV at home and there was a celebrity who had been challenged to make chocolate truffles at home with her girlfriends. It was very silly to watch and a rather messy affair!

Fast forward two weeks later and I find myself sitting in posh chocolate shop Rococo in uber-posh Knightsbridge about to master the art of truffle making.  Julie who was leading the course that morning welcomed the six of us in the cafe area and served up hot chocolate, a marshmallow to nibble on and gave us a brief history of Rococo and the chocolate making process.

Once you’ve mastered the workings of a cocoa bean, it’s then time for the really fun bit and we all headed down to the kitchen to make chocolate truffles.

As you enter, there is a small prep area and table to gather around. Donning a pair of rubber gloves and an apron (all supplied) you then mould the ready-made ganache into small balls using the heat and pressure of your palms. I noticed that depending on how hot your palms were had a direct impact on the texture. So yes you guessed it - the hotter your hands - the gooier the balls!

It was comical rolling out the balls with lots of laughter from the group. When it comes to coating the truffle balls, you will team up with a partner who will lightly cover the ganache balls in tepid chocolate whilst the other person gently dusts them in cocoa powder.

Once finished, the truffles need to be given time to dry so we went back into the shop and sipped on white tea from the King’s Road (surprisingly nice and a good palate cleanser) and Julie supplied three different types of chocolate for us to try.  Honestly, it was such a chore tasting the chocolate and guessing the subtle flavours!

All that was then left to do was head back to the kitchen, scoop up the truffles and pack them into a gorgeous Rococo box. We were also given more truffles to take home and treated to 10% off everything in the shop for that day which I’m pretty sure you’ll use!

So if you fancy a treat with a friend and want a fun time – this workshop will be hard to beat. It was just over an hour and a quarter in length and cost £65. With lots of other upcoming events to choose from, just visit http://blog.rococochocolates.com/

Thank you for the fabulous truffle workshop.

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