Thursday, December 9, 2010

ROFL: So You Don't Look Like A Bozo?

Photo Courtesy PDN

Photo District News magazine has a section called Objects of Desire, which features photo related gear that photographers ought to drool least, that's what they're supposed to do.

It's not a feature to really take seriously, but I sometimes drop by to marvel at what is being pushed...and occasionally what I see gives me a good laugh. 

But never as much as at the latest product featured which is the Lino Pro Field Jacket (as seen in the above photo)...a gawd-awful concoction of a jacket that's described by the PDN writer as one of the "snazzier" products seen at the Photokina show a few months ago.  Not only that, but he goes on to write that "this jacket is trim and form fitting so you don’t look like a bozo." Wearing this jacket would make me (and anyone else) look like a bozo, and deservedly so.  Not a single self-respecting photographer, photojournalist, serious hobbyist who would be seen dead in a jacket like that.  Whoever dreamed this jacket up hasn't a clue as to what photographers like and need to wear...or doesn't care...whatever they do/will is certainly not a $480 stylish padded shoulders jacket with a "full Italian" design . Moreover, the majority of photographers would spend $480 much more intelligently. So an object of desire? Um...not in the least. Imagine this Italian styled jacket in Helmand Province or in the favelas of Rio or even in the placid Thar Desert of Rajasthan !!!

I found the simplest and least flashy to always be the best option. A $45 safari jacket (with no logos) from a well-known sport outfitter is one of my favorites, as well as a durable black canvas jacket (unfortunately now no longer sold by GAP).  I've seen similar simple jackets worn by photographers in the field, and they certainly don't look like bozos....and they're happy they weren't fleeced out of $480.

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