Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Jeroens Toirkens: Nomads

Photo © Jeroens Toirlens-All Rights Reserved
 Jeroen Toirkens is a Dutch freelance photographer who studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in The Hague. His work mainly consists documentary photography for various clients like NGO’s and governmental institutions in health care and infrastructure. but he also initiated a project called Nomadslife, in which he documents the life of nomadic peoples on the Northern Hemisphere.

His website features a number of galleries of nomads in Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, Finland, Russia, Mongolia, Morocco and Greenland. These small nomadic cultures have unfamiliar names such as the Dukha,  Khalkh, Yoruk, Altai and Nenets while others such as the Inuits, Berbers, Kazakh and Sami are better known.

I liked the photographs of the Dukha, a small culture of reindeer herders living in northern Mongolia. Only 44 Dukha families remain, totaling somewhere between 200 and 400 people. They ride, breed, milk, and live off reindeer. Their way of life is endangered and they survive largely by selling their crafts to tourists and riding their domesticated reindeer.

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