Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Lunatic Magazine: Issue 2

Photograph © Bruno Stevens-All Rights Reserved

The second issue of Lunatic magazine has just been published. It's a bi-annual image online magazine presenting new work from talented photographers from all around the world. The target audiences of Lunatic magazine are photographers, photojournalists and picture editors and all people interested in contemporary photography. It is created by photographer Karl Blanchet, member of the collective Luna.

The second issue has an photo essay entitled Lettres Persanes by the talented photojournalist Bruno Stevens which features images of Iran and the spirituality of its people. It also features the work of Kalpesh Lathigra with his photo-essay titled The Anglo-Afghan War.

Lunatic is a well presented web magazine and in the prevailing environment deserves much praise as it tries to redress the paucity of serious photo journalistic publications.

Lunatic Magazine

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