Saturday, March 1, 2008

And A Song Shall Carry Them Home

The Record, a newspaper group based in Stockton (California) has published a multimedia piece titled And A Song Shall Carry Them Home: The Journey of the Fermin Brothers. The story was authored by Jennifer Torres and photographed by Victor J. Blue.

Here's a synopsis of the story:

"Two years ago, a group of brothers left Acojtapachtlan, a village of about a dozen concrete houses in the hills of southern Mexico. They came to San Joaquin County without education, without money, certainly without permission. They brought little more than their ambition and hopes. One of them carried along a dream to save money, buy instruments and lead a band.

The brothers Fermin were like millions of other Mexicans who have crossed the border and like thousands who, even today, will attempt it. But the ties of home and family are strong. Two years of work in San Joaquin County had earned the brothers enough money for televisions, clothing, tools, accordions, guitars, speakers - and a truck to haul it back. On Oct. 17, the village of Acojtapachtlan was to honor its patron saint, San Lucas, with a festival. One of the brothers would stay behind in Stockton. Three wanted to be home in time to play their music at the festival."

An exceptionally topical and well done insight on who we describe as "illegal immigrants".

The multimedia story: And A Song Shall Carry Them Home

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