Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Karen Kasmauski: Viet Nam

Image © Karen Kasmauski-All Rights Reserved

Since 1984, Karen Kasmauski has photographed at least 25 major stories for National Geographic Magazine. She has traveled from Malaysia's rainforests to the megacities of India to the Alaskan wilderness, covered earthquakes in Japan, been arrested in Africa and exposed to radiation in Russia.

Karen has been profiled on the Charlie Rose show and the National Geographic Channel. She has been featured in a variety of online photographic projects for National Geographic and other web sites. She has taught at numerous workshops and conferences, including the annual Women in Photojournalism conference. She is a frequent speaker at National Geographic's Masters of Photography lecture series.

Her website is replete with beautiful photographs, and I liked her Viet Nam images the best...the photograph of the fisherman is just superb. So explore her website and see her excellence for yourself.

Karen Kasmauski

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