Monday, May 28, 2007

Ross Taylor: India

Image Copyright © Ross Taylor-All Rights Reserved

Ross Taylor is a staff photographer at the Hartford Courant, and is the recipient of impressive awards. He was awarded the Award of Excellence (Portrait) at POYi, won the NPAA's Best of Photojournalism (Magazine Cover Picture), and many more.

His portrait of a Kashmiri woman holding her child featured on his website's India gallery is beautiful in its simplicity, while his photograph of a New Delhi man having his son massaging his back while a dog is looking on, is just a wonderful 'tableau'.

I chose Scott's photograph of Rajasthani women carrying bricks on a building site to start off this post. I liked the light and the composition of the photograph. The angle is slightly awkward, but gives the impression of movement as the women are walking upwards, and I particularly liked that he captured the women's identical hand gesture in steadying themselves against the wall.

Scott's website has a handful of galleries, out of which two are 'international' : India and Costa Rica.

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