Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Mark Tuschman: Bhutan

Photograph © Mark Tuschman-All Rights Reserved

Here's the website of Mark Tuschman, a photographer with a strong affinity to social responsibility and a powerful desire to bridge the gap between affluent societies and those which are poor through his photographic talent.

Mark quotes the words of Sebatiao Salgado: "If you take a picture of a human that does not make him noble, there is no reason to take his picture."

Explore his various galleries as I did, and this will lead you to his set of photographs of Bhutan under the International section. I have the feeling that I also photographed one of his subjects (the elderly man wearing the traditional cho and a blue woolen cap in front of the prayer wheels) during my 2006 photo expedition! Here's the link to my People of Druk Yul slideshow in which he (if indeed he's the same one) makes an appearance.

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