Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Ben Lowy: Storylines

Photograph © Ben Lowy-All Rights Reserved

I've posted Ben Lowy's work on a number of occasions here on TTP; one of which was on his work in Ethiopia titled Wandering In Ethiopia.

I bring back Ben's work on TTP because of a new project on his website he calls Storylines. He writes that he was getting frustrated and tired of working with digital camera, and started working with a toy camera that would allow him to overlap the photographs and thus create a narrative from one roll of film. He has such "narratives" for India's Kumbh Mela, Iraq, Afghanistan, Darfur and the Tsunami.

As I'm planning to buy a Holga before I travel to Bhutan this fall, I was naturally interested in this very interesting idea, and loved it. A single narrative thread from one roll of film...ingenious!

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