Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Eric Lafforgue : Travel Photography

Photograph © Eric Lafforgue-All Rights Reserved

Eric Lafforgue lives in Toulouse, France, and produces content for television, radio, the music industry and travel photography as a freelance photographer and multimedia producer.

His website is truly excellent, and enhances his photographic talents. If you like ethnography combined with pure travel photography, this is the website to visit and spend time exploring and savoring. Eric seems to have been everywhere; from Indonesia, to the Sudan...from Malaysia to Danakil.

I recommend you open his Flash website Eric Lafforgue...and wait until you see all of his wonderful images on its cover page. The images are of exotic faces...and you'll soon notice that the eyes on each face remain level on every image. Don't miss the main photograph on the cover page of an elderly Chinese woman standing in front of a textured wall!

Professionally produced, this website and Eric's photographs will most certainly reinvigorate those who love travel photography. Highly recommended!!!

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