Friday, September 7, 2007


The PENTAX Imaging Company has announced the launch of a community-based website developed for PENTAX photographers. The website features videos that share the stories of four Pentaxian photographers. One is a former NASA scientist and computer technology executive turned urban street photographer, another is a former Doctor of Medicine turned freelance international surf photographer, a third is a professional nature photographer and a fourth is a cruise ship marketing executive who picked up her first digital SLR two years ago and now freelances on the side as a photographer.

I think this is a great idea for a camera company to have...Pentax is reaching to non-working photographers and beginners with this slick website, and is creating a community of like-minded people. I wish Canon had a similar one to supplement its professional websites...I think a similar approach to Canon owners could be a huge success...or has it done before?

PENTAX has another companion website designed to give photographers the opportunity to be represented in a gallery.

The links are Pentaxian and Pentax Photo Gallery

[Thanks to Imaging Insider]

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