Monday, September 24, 2007

Incredible India: A Kite's View

Image Copyright © Nicholas Chorier-All Rights Reserved

Nicholas Chorier's aerial photographs provide wonderful perspectives of familiar Indian monuments and vistas, which are photographed using large kites. A camera (a Canon 5D) is mounted on a rig that hangs below the kite, and is operated by remote control from the ground.

Chorier feels a deep gratitude for India for giving him the opportunity to show his work.

“In a sense, I feel like I am giving something back to the country— that I didn’t, like the colonialists of yore, simply ‘steal’ without giving back anything.”

It's because of this statement that I include Nicholas on TTP's pages this week.

For a short slideshow (courtesy of the BBC): A Kite's Eye View

Nicholas Chorier's website

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